Validated Antibodies

Here we provide a curated list of antibodies compatible with iDISCO.

If you have had success with other antibodies and would like to contribute to the list
please email us at (credit will be given).


All antibodies listed are compatible with the methanol protocol.

APP- abcam ab32136
1:250 for E14 embryos.

Aquaporin2- Santa Cruz sc-9882
1:20 for adult mouse kidney.

Arc- Synaptic Systems 156003
1:500 to 1:1000 for adult mouse brain.

beta-Catenin- Abcam ab6302
1:50 for adult mouse kidney.

beta-Galatosidase- Abcam ab9361
1:200 for E14.5 mouse embryos.

cFos- Santa Cruz sc-52
1:200 for adult mouse brain and spinal cord.

Cleaved Caspase 3- Cell Signaling 9661
1:500 for E10.5 to E16.5 mouse embryos and adult mouse brain.

Cux1 (CDP)- Santa Cruz sc-13024 (contributed by Sean Hsiang-Chih, Huda Zoghbi Lab)
1:200 adult mouse brain

E-Cadherin- Cell Signaling 3195
1:20 for adult mouse stomach and kidney.

Egr-1- Santa Cruz sc-110
1:200 in mouse adult brain

FoxP2- Abcam ab16046
1:500 for adult mouse brains and E13 mouse embryos.

GFP- Aves GFP-1020
E14 embryos, adult mouse brains. Dilution varies by GFP expression level. 1:2000 for sparse AAV-GFP injections.
Note:  we recommend this antibody but Abcam ab290 and Invitrogen A11122 also provide decent results. The Abcam rabbit anti-GFP can be used at higher concentration (up to 1:200) if the coverage of the Aves antibody is not sufficient.

Iba1- Wako 019-19741
Adult mouse brain, 1:200.

Laminin- Sigma L9393
1:50 for adult mouse muscle and kidney

Mash1- BD Biosciences 556604  (contributed by Eduardo Arteaga)
1:100 on mouse E12 embryos

N-Cadherin- Abcam ab12221
1:50 for adult mouse heart.

Nephrin- R&D AF3159
1:400 for adult mouse kidney

Neurofilament-M- Covance PRB-575C (now Biolegend 841001)
1:200 for E12.5 to E16.5 mouse embryos

Parvalbumin- Swant PV 25 (now PV27)
1:1000 for E12.5 and E14.5 embryos.
1:100 for adult mouse brains (only small blocs, about 2 mm on each side, limited diffusion otherwise).

Phospho-cJun- Cell Signaling 3270 and 9261
1:250 Adult mouse DRG and spinal cord.

Phospho-Histone-H3- Abcam ab5176
1:200 E14.5 mouse embryos and adult mouse spleen.

Phospho-S6 (Ser235/236)- Cell Signaling 4858
1:200 adult mouse brain.

Phospho-S6 (Ser244/247)- Life Technologies 44923G
1:300 for adult mouse brain.

RFP (tdtomato/mCherry)- Rockland 600-401-379
1:1000 to 1:200. E12.5 mouse embryos, adult mouse brain. Dilution varies by RFP expression level.

Ret- R&D AF482
1:400 on E12.5 mouse embryos

Robo3- R&D AF3076
1:500 for E11.5 and E12.5 embryos.

Sox2- Cell Signaling 2748
1:500 adult mouse brain
1:1000 mouse E12 embryos (contributed by Eduardo Arteaga)

Tbr2- Cell Signaling 3728
1:1000 on mouse E12 embryos. (contributed by Eduardo Arteaga)

TrkA- R&D AF1056
1:400 for E12.5 to E16.5 embryos.
Note: this antibody has a short half-life at 4°c. Keep at -80°c and unfreeze aliquots for immediate use.

TrkB- R&D AF1494
1:400 for E12.5 mouse embryos. TrkB doesn’t give nice axonal staining, because of the expression in other structures.

TrkC- R&D AF1404
1:400 for E12.5 and E14.5 mouse embryos.

Tuj1- Covance MRB-435P
1:200 for mouse E12.5 to E16.5 embryos. Not usable on adult tissues.

Tyrosine Hydroxylase- Millipore AB152
1:1000 to 1:100 E15.5, E18 mouse embryos, P0 mouse brain, adult mouse brain half, adult mouse intestine, adult mouse skin.